As an educator, I know the importance of high-quality care and rich experiences in the early years of life. Westland Children’s Academy continues to exceed my expectations for early childhood care and learning. My daughter and son are both currently enrolled at WCA. They are actively engaged each day through authentic play and group instruction. Their classrooms are warm and inviting. My 4-year-old daughter enjoys spending time in her science center and playing dress-up in her “home living” center. She is enriched each week with French, soccer, gymnastic, and music theory lessons. My 17-month-old son has been loved by the WCA teachers since before he was born! The teachers treat us like family and couldn’t wait for his arrival. I love to watch as he explores around his room with his friends. My favorite part of WCA is the love and compassion that they have for my children. As I hug and kiss them goodbye each morning, I know that they are loved, thriving, and happy.

My search for a childcare center started when my son was 3 months old. We contacted and visited several centers and immediately knew when we visited Westland Children’s Academy that they were the one for us. The staff was welcoming, inviting, and had no problem answering my many questions.
I am a teacher and education is my first priority. The curriculum at Westland is top notch and it is a very structured learning environment for the children from a very young age. WCA not only provides a strong focus on academics but they encourage fun and imaginative play too which we appreciate.
I trust the teachers that I leave my son with and they have become friends and family to us. They have not only cared for my son but have loved him well and have gone above and beyond for him and for our family.
Our children are our most prized possessions and it is comforting leaving him in a place where I know he is loved and taken care of! Thank you to all of the teachers at WCA for all you do!

Our twins started at Westland Children’s Academy in the Infant II room when they were nine months old. They are now five and in the Kindergarten Readiness class. The experience the twins have had at Westland exceeds our expectations and we feel confident that they will be more than adequately prepared for Kindergarten next year. We are amazed at what the twins have learned through the structured curriculum and dedicated and compassionate teachers at Westland. Watching our children’s growth both academically and socially confirms we made the right decision in choosing Westland Children’s Academy. Thank you to you and your staff for all you have done for Maddie and Liam.

I have had three beautiful boys attend Ebenezer Children’s Academy over the last eight years. It is hard to believe that we have been there since one week after opening with my oldest and only at the time, not even two years old. The staff welcomed us and took such great care of him that when it came time just a few months later for my next child, only three months old, to attend, my worry was lessened. I knew my boys were in good hands and would be okay without me for a few hours. And then just two and a half years later, we had our third boy who started at four months old. ECA has been their home away from home.

My boys have loved being there and making their first friends. My youngest was the lucky one to have the same friends with him from infant to five years old. My children have had a wonderful time learning so much and having so much fun playing with play dough, drawing, and so many other toys that I would just never had the money or space in my house to expose them to through their early childhood. As a mother, I have loved all the art projects that the boys have completed over the years and use their works to decorate our house. I never knew so much could be done with paper, coffee filters, and the beloved paper towel tubes. The teachers are always coming up with new art, science, and math ideas for the kids. When going through boxes of school work last week, I was amazed to see pieces from toddler to five years old and how my boys have developed through the years.

I cannot express enough gratitude to the teachers and staff. The teachers have shone love and caring through each of their childhoods that will go with them in life. The boys have learned to trust other caring adults besides just their parents. My oldest still loves to come pick up his brother, “Can I come so I can give Ms. Blainie a hug?” The boys have learned to become their own person and how to deal with adults and children in a safe environment. You know they love where they are when you pick them up later than usual and are greeted with a heavy sigh and “why are you here already?” I have heard this question from each of the boys over the years.

During the last two years for each of the boys, the teachers worked hard to prepare each of them for kindergarten. My two older boys have been more than prepared for the expectations of kindergarten and have excelled in grade school. I cannot help but think part of that is because of the teachers and curriculum at ECA. If it takes a village to raise a child, I am so glad ECA was part of that village for my boys.

My youngest will be starting kindergarten this fall and for the first time in eight years, I will have a different route to work. I will dearly miss my morning drop off at “good ol’ ECA”

The leadership and staff at Ebenezer Children’s Academy have provided me with confidence that my children are being well cared for and well educated. Each day, I know that I’m leaving my children in good hands. The overall environment of ECA is cheerful and the leadership staff are truly passionate about the education they provide for their students. The teachers are positive, approachable and willing to work with parents to address any academic or behavioral challenges. I am delighted to have found such wonderful care for my children.

My daughter started attending ECA in 2013. As a new mom leaving her baby for the first time was very hard to do, but the teachers and management made me feel very comfortable and my daughter quickly adapted. I now have one daughter in the kindergarten readiness room and my youngest is in the 3 year old class. Both of them love going to school and their teachers & Classmates! The curriculum is great, they are on a scheduled routine and I know everything they learn while at ECA will fully prepare them for kindergarten!

Our two children have been fortunate enough to attend Maryville Children’s Academy since they were infants. MCA has been much more than just a daycare for our family. MCA provides structure and discipline all within a loving and nurturing environment. As a result of the teaching instruction and care they receive at MCA, my children have flourished socially and academically. I am constantly amazed with the things they have learned each day. The teachers motivate the children to learn in ways I never fathomed were possible for children that young. Additionally, my 2 year old has several allergies and skin sensitivities and has since early infancy. The school has been more than accommodating for our situation and been able to provide us with a peace of mind every day when we leave him.

Ever since we made the decision to send our son to MCA, it has become an important part of our life. When we were pregnant with our son, we checked out several daycares in the area. We picked MCA because of the friendliness of its staff, the happiness we saw in the faces of the children at MCA, the convenience of its location, the cleanliness of its facility, and the fact that it was rated high in the Tennessee Star-Quality Child Care Program. After that important decision, we have found confirmation that it was the right choice in many experiences.

To list a few of these experiences, we have found that the staff helps us as our son transitions through various milestones in his development. On one occasion, a kind teacher in his toddler class advised that he seemed to love the stacking cups in his classroom. We went and bought a set pretty soon after her observation and she was right: he began stacking them at home during playtime and we saw improvements in his dexterity and sense of spatial objects. In addition, that same teacher advised us to think about some training cups that ultimately have helped our son get ready for real cups. These two examples show how we are raising our son in a community and MCA’s teachers are helping him every step of the way.

Also, our son is being raised bilingual. MCA has good experience with bilingual children as there are many Japanese kids in the program. We have felt the support of our goal to raise him bilingual at MCA and further a teacher who is working on her degree even made a specific effort to copy some information on raising bilingual kids that she had from a class and gave it to us. This helps us not only with our goal but also confirms the real interest that MCA’s teachers take in each child in their program.

Finally, while milestone development is important, we also notice that children regularly are having fun at MCA, which makes us feel good as we can see our child happy there. For example, one day we were taking our son in late due to a Dr. Appt, and upon entering MCA we could see kids playing on climbing and crawling toys in the hall and racing through a made up obstacle course. It made us smile. In addition, throughout the summer MCA regularly has water days on Fridays where children have fun playing in the water.
Based on these and many other experiences, we could not be happier with our choice to send our son to MCA. It is truly a great daycare with kind staff that every day seeks to develop children into happy, healthy people.

Our family has used Maryville Children’s Academy since 2008 when our older daughter was born. She started at 8 weeks in the infant room and I was instantly comfortable with the facility and the staff. Our older daughter is now in the fourth grade and I have noted over her elementary and intermediate school performance that she was more than prepared to attend school. Our younger daughter began attending MCA at 3 months old in 2013 and has now reached the kindergarten readiness curriculum at MCA. I feel she is certainly prepared for her primary school days to start next year despite her being at the age cut off for beginning school. I owe a lot of my girls preparedness to the curriculum and staff commitment at Maryville Children’s Academy. They have helped to cultivate and educate my girls at an advanced level for preschool years. The facilities and activities that are planned are directed at promoting not only the children’s mental well being and intellect but also have an emphasis on their health and physical activity as well. Meals are well balanced and planned. Activities such as gymnastics and soccer have been part of the curriculum for my girls as well as water day activities in warmer weather. My children have loved attending Maryville Children’s Academy and I am thankful that they have been able to attend from their infant months to the beginning of their primary school days.

Two of our boys have either completed or are currently in pre-school at Maryville Children’s Academy. Our family has been in other preschool programs with older siblings in different cities, and the experience we have had at MCA has been very positive, and they are our favorite daycare we have ever used. Our boys actually run into the school most days they are so excited, none of the hanging on dad’s leg routine. The faculty and staff have always treated our children and my wife and myself very well. Everyone knows our boys names and makes them feel welcome and loved. Our middle son is our wild child and we had some concerns starting school, but he has been tremendously successful in Kindergarten and First grade, thanks in no small part to the curriculum at MCA. Thank you all for what you do!

MCA has been a great place for our two young girls. The teachers truly care and love our children and provide a safe, nurturing environment. Our oldest daughter is in the Kindergarten readiness class and is learning so much every day, while our youngest is also already learning and experiencing so much for a 2 1/2 year old. Not only do they teach them letters, colors, etc, but they also teach the children about social interaction, how to be a good friend, and manners. MCA sees the value in both physical and educational development which is evidenced by providing a variety of activities like gymbugs, soccer, music, and French class. These activities help in the well-rounded development of our children. My children especially love the songs they learn and sing them frequently. We feel very blessed to have found such a great place for our children.

The Staff at Westland Children’s Academy are wonderful! My daughter started going there when she was 4 months old and I was a worried first time parent. They were and still are so reassuring, genuine, and sweet. My daughter loves her teachers and talks about them non stop! She learns something new every day & I am amazed with their curriculum! They make me feel comfortable leaving her in their care.
Our 2.5 year old daughter loves Westland! She is happy to be dropped off in the mornings. I have been so impressed with her social, emotional, and academic development over the last year. We appreciate the daily communication from staff! We recommend Westland to our friends looking for childcare!

My son attends WCA and always has an amazing time! They have themes every month to go along with their fun learning activities. I have been amazed that my 3.5 year old is already starting to recite the months of the year, the days of the week, and writing letters and numbers. He has made some great friends attending as well. I would highly recommend Westland Children’s!!

We love Westland Children’s Academy! Our son loves all his teachers from infant on! The communication is amazing! The new Brightwheel software makes sharing day to day details and payment super easy!!! I love the owners so much! They truly care and are very involved in day to day operations. Could not recommend this preschool more!!

I was lucky enough to find spots for both of my boys last year (I have a 3 & 4 yo). We are so grateful to the WCA staff – Miss Amber and Miss Tina really helped my 3 yo transition into preschool – having only been home during quarantine. They were so patient and kind – and always made me feel at ease, even if my boys were upset when I dropped them off. The admin staff would often take my call and check in on my boys when I called to check in 🙂 WCA does a great job of creating a fun schedule for the kiddos with monthly themes, projects, and events. My boys have loved going to WCA and I feel safe and confident with their care and education!!

I absolutely love and hands down recommend WCA to any family looking for childcare. Our experience there has been wonderful and the care that is given to my child is exceptional. I have no doubt that when I leave her with her teachers she is safe and is going to have a great day. The atmosphere is also perfect for a nursing mother. The open door policy and nourishing environment cater to any child that would need to breastfeed throughout the day. I am so glad that we were able to get into WCA!
Can’t recommend Westland Children’s Academy enough! The teachers are so kind and loving and treat my kids like they are their own. My oldest still runs and hugs her previous teacher because they had that special of a bond! Teachers like the ones they have are few and far between and I’m so thankful my kids get to attend WCA!

We love Westland Children’s Academy! Our two daughters go there and they have learned so much at this daycare. We previously had them in a different daycare, and when we made the change about 4 months ago it was immediately clear that this school is top notch. So happy to be here!

Our daughter has attended WCA since she was 4 months old (now age 2). The teachers and curriculum are phenomenal! It’s evident how much the staff cares about the kids and their growth and development. Highly recommend!

My son has been going to Westland from age 1 through age 4 (almost), and the teachers there are top notch. The administration makes sure there is a rich curriculum and kids that leave there are more than Kindergarten ready socially and academically. They assess kids yearly and share those assessments with families. Having the curriculum on an app for families helps families support it from home. My son is taking something that starts with W tomorrow for show and tell and is picking up on skills fast. As a second grade teacher myself, I know it’s so important for them to be socially prepared and academic knowledge is such icing on the cake. The pictures families get of their children on the Brightwheel app is such a bonus! A key code to get into the school also adds a piece of mind that the children are safe. 🙂 We love Westland Children’s academy!

Both of my children attend WCA. When I drop off my 3.5 year old to his class, he runs in super excited! His teachers always greet him with a happy smile, and/or a hug. They always allow me time to discuss dietary needs for the day (weather I packed his lunch or if he should have school lunch) and provide me with a report on how/what he ate, when I pick him up (he is my picky eater, so they help me make sure I know how he ate). You know your child loves the school when he whines about being picked up because he is not done playing with his friends. My 6 month old is obviously non verbal about her excitement but every morning when I put her car seat down on the classroom floor, to take her out, her little feet go a mile a minute because she is so excited to be there. When the teachers take her from me so I can unpack her bottles, she is all smiles. They also do a wonderful job communicating with me on when her last bottle was and schedule for any other puree foods I may have brought for her. Since they started the new Brightwheel app, it has been so nice to get updates throughout the day on how she is eating, napping and using the potty. It allows the teachers to message me (or me message them) if they have a question/concern and they upload the most adorable photos of her adventures in learning new skills. I honestly never thought I would use a daycare, my son was 2.5 when he started, but after seeing him develop wonderful social skills and learn so much (he was counting to 70, knew all the days of week, months, seasons etc by 3 years old!!!) I had no hesitations enrolling my little one once she was old enough to attend. Highly recommend 🙂

We can’t say enough about how much we love Westland Children’s Academy. They have taken such great care of our daughter and really feel like part of our family. We highly recommend!!!

Westland was where we took our tiny baby once maternity leave was over and we had to go back to work. They made that transition seamless and his teachers became like family. We have now been at Westland for 3 years and we look forward to many more great memories for our son!

My son has been at Westland for two years, and it’s been great to see how much he learns there and how many different experiences he gets to have. He loves telling me about his day at school, and now that Westland is using the Brightwheel app, I can also get real-time updates on how his day is going. He loves his teachers (especially Ms. Monica- she’s amazing) and I love knowing he’s in good hands during the day.

We love having our son at Westland Childrens Academy. The staff is phenomenal, the center is organized and clean, the location is perfect right off Pellissippi. They recently updated their communication system to Brightwheel, which is awesome. I am always informed with everything going on at the academy and what my son is doing every day.

Our son, now 4, has been here since he was 8 weeks old and I can’t say enough about knowing that he is in such good hands during the week. We are so happy that we chose Westland. The staff is wonderful and the curriculum has exceeded our expectations. We wouldn’t change a thing!

Greetings! Our family absolutely would recommend this super daycare to everyone for many reasons, including providing frequent updates and photos of my child throughout the day, listening and following through with requests (example putting a sun hat on for outdoor playtime), and the attentive staff. Our first son attended this daycare from 2014 to 2019, and it was a wonderful place then. Now, our youngest son (started in 2020) has had nothing but excellent care. The facility was recently remodeled, ensuring my son has a safe and clean environment. Our family is blessed to be part of the daycare family!

My two children have gone here since they were 3 months old. I have always felt comfortable with the care that has been provided for them even at such a young age. They have just recently renovated the facilities and added a mobile app to receive updates on your child/children throughout the day. All of the teachers know my kids by name and truly care for them. 100% recommend if you are looking for a daycare.

My daughter has been attending MCA for over a year now and we couldn’t be happier with the facility and staff! She started in the infant room and is now in toddler 1. We’ve had excellent experiences with her teachers and management. The teachers are kind and knowledgeable about childhood development and milestones. Communication has been great as well. We are alerted whenever there is a change or concern. My daughter was a preemie and it was hard to leave her, but she has truly thrived in this environment! I am so happy we have a place with MCA!

We love MCA! Since starting our son, we have seen a huge difference in how much he knows and how quickly he learns. He often surprises us by telling us about things we didn’t know he knew! Maryville Children’s Academy isn’t just a day care, they take time each day to work with and teach their children while still keeping it fun. All of the teachers and staff are absolutely amazing and we are so glad to have found them!

My family absolutely loves Maryville Children’s Academy!! The teachers are all wonderful and love on my boys so well. They communicate well and the curriculum and engagement has shown great growth in both of my boys. The communication is wonderful as well. I wouldn’t want my children anywhere else.

Couldn’t ask for a better school for our son. Every teacher and administrator here feels like family to us. The curriculum is top notch, too. Our son loves, loves, loves going to school. He’s learning so much each day and I am always impressed to hear what he’s learning age age 2!

FIVE STARS ISN’T ENOUGH! My son has been attending Maryville Children’s Academy since he was 1 (he is almost 5 now) and everything about this school we absolutely love! He has learned so much in the past 4 years, loves his teachers, and is more than ready for Kindergarten in the fall. The staff there really takes their time to prepare your child for their future school education with their daily curriculum and daily schedule. The facility is always very clean and very safe. We are sad this is our son’s last year at MCA before Kindergarten but also very thankful and excited because we know he is more than prepared for elementary school thanks to MCA!

I toured several other daycares in the Maryville area trying to find the best for my child and even attended another local facility for a brief time before transferring here and let me tell you, Maryville Children’s Academy is the BEST. The teachers are fantastic. The facility is the most updated, CLEAN and secure in the Maryville area. You pay for what you get and this place is worth every penny.

We absolutely love Maryville Children’s Academy and we’re so fortunate to get a spot for our little one there. The staff and attentive and caring, and they make every effort to engage our little one and positively impact his growth. We are truly fortunate to have our son here!

We have been at MCA for 4 years now and have loved every minute of it! The teachers and kids have became like a family to us. I can’t say enough good things about their curriculum and center in general. Both of my children that attend there are above average for their age due to MCA. Clean, neat, and organized describes them to a T! I honestly wouldn’t trust my children with anyone else. My oldest goes to kindergarten this year and I am not looking forward to her leaving MCA.

Absolutely love this daycare! We have tried other daycares in town in the past and nothing compares to Maryville Childrens Academy! I have used Maryville Childrens for 4 years now and they treat my kids as their own!

We have had nothing but a great experience at MCA. Our 2 year old has been attending for over 6 months and loves going to school. He never cries at drop off and any time I have ever stopped in randomly, he is happy. The teachers are sweet and show concern for the kids. The facility is clean and they provide breakfast, lunch and snack. The teachers work very hard to do art projects and activities with the littles which I am sure can be challenging. The directors are approachable and responsive.

I love MCA and my daughter loves MCA. She has attended there since she was an infant and we have never had any issues. They have a great curriculum for each age group and the meals they provide are great. Highly recommend MCA for childcare.
The faculty is beyond caring for my daughter and always loving to her! It’s beyond clean and doesn’t smell like a daycare. My daughter took a longer time to adjust and Jessie, Julie, and Ann were beyond understanding and patient. I am beyond thrilled with our experience and my daughter been with MCA for over a year.

My daughter has been attending for 2.5 years (since she was 4 months old), and she LOVES going to “school” every day. The curriculum is both structured and flexible, which I think is appropriate at this age. All of her teachers have all been great, the director Kate and assistant director Sam are always quick to communicate and address any needs, and I know that my daughter is in good hands and surrounded by people who genuinely care about her.
We have been very pleased with our experience over the past year at ECA. We have had some of the most wonderful teachers in both the Infant 2 and Toddler 1 classes. My son has food allergies and they have always been accommodating as far as reviewing menu items with me and allowing me to provide substitutions. Kate communicates efficiently and kindly to the parents. The curriculum, activities, attentiveness, and cleanliness are outstanding!

We have been extremely impressed with the level of care our child receives at Ebenezer Children’s Academy! Great amounts of creativity are evident within the daily plans! Delicious, well thought out meals…fun art projects…education…..and play time, all tie in to a monthly theme! The teachers are all loving and attentive to our child’s individual needs. The facility always feels clean and well cared for! Toys are rotated and new toys are introduced often so the Children can gain new experiences. Their playgrounds are top notch and age appropriate! The level of communication is excellent!

Absolutely the best! We moved our daughter to ECA at eight months old after a horrible daycare experience! She is now 4 1/2 and thriving! We have had the best and most loving teachers! Kate, the director is absolutely amazing and loves the kiddos like her own! Since the center has been under her leader ship things have gotten even better!

My son’s care and education has always been top priority. Dropping my child off each morning and knowing full well he is taken care of puts so much of my “mama anxiety” at ease. My husband and I are forever grateful for the staff, their prompt communication, and the fact that our son enjoys going to school everyday! He asks to go home with his teachers often and that makes my heart so happy!

We are so grateful for the care given to our little girl! We have been at Ebenezer for 2 years and the teachers and staff are so wonderful. I love the healthy lunches and snacks, but mostly the fact that our little girl is SO loved all day by her teachers.

We enrolled our son at ECA when he was 3 months old. He’ll be two this upcoming May. We have always been impressed by and thankful for the staff’s high level of professionalism. We have always felt like our son was cared for while in attendance and he genuinely enjoys going every day. He has grown both socially and developmentally under their responsibility. This is a great place for a child to grow and learn!

My son has been going to ECA for 2.5 years and I couldn’t be more pleased. The teachers and staff are amazing, I feel very confident that my son is well cared for when he is there. There is a theme monthly that is followed and includes learning letters/numbers/seasons, crafts, outside play and exploration, my sons even speaking some Spanish! He loves it and so do my husband and I, HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

I can’t say enough good things about Ebenezer Children’s Academy. We transitioned our children from their Westland location due to moving about a year ago. We were a bit concerned how our 2 year old would transition but the staff at ECA made it seamless. We currently have two children that attend and they absolutely love going to school. The teachers have all been exceptional and love the kiddos like their own. The curriculum is appropriate for each age group and they really just make learning fun. Any time I’ve had an question I have gotten a prompt response from management. I really can’t say enough good things about this daycare but there is nowhere else I would want my kids to attend.

Both of my children have been going to this center since they were little (my son from 2+ year and my daughter at 3 months old). We have had a wonderful experience. The teachers have always loved and taken care of my kids like they were their own. I would highly recommend this center!

I could not be happier with Ebenezer Children”s Academy! My daughter graduated from their Pre-K class last year and was very prepared for Kindergarten. My 3 year old son also goes to ECA and absolutely loves it. His teachers are thoughtful, kind, and encouraging. Overall, I am very pleased with ECA. I would recommend ECA to anyone wanting their children to be loved on, educated, and motivated to learn.

We’ve had our child here for 2 years and have no complaints; we investigated multiple other facilities in the area prior to going with Ebenezer (we received an extensive list of daycares in the area from the education dept at UT, so we were able to really get a good feel). The daycare is very clean, they have good policies for controlling illnesses, we’ve been pleased with the efficient response of management with an issue in one of the rooms, and the teachers we have had have been wonderful with our child. I read a different review on a lack of security, and couldn’t disagree more. I have never seen the code posted anywhere in the building, and multiple emails are sent out reminding parents to NEVER let anyone in without having them enter the code themselves (not even holding doors for other parents). Security is only as good as the people using the door code, but I’ve never seen an issue. I’ve even had a teacher question me when I picked my child up (we had not met before), to make sure that I was authorized to get him. The kids do all kinds of crafts and sign language learning, they have outside play every day (weather permitting), and I’ve seen no issues with the menu that they have for the kids. We are a family with food allergies, and they strictly do not allow nuts. Great experience, will be sending our second child there as well.

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