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Health and Safety Protocol at the Academy:

• We strictly follow STATE and STARS sanitizing protocols, including the posting of signage to remind teachers and parents the appropriate measures to protect our community from COVID-19;
• Our teachers’ and students’ make rigorous hand-washing an essential part of our daily routine;
• Teachers routinely disinfect and sanitize high-touch surfaces and play items;
• We launder crib sheets and blankets used during nap weekly, or immediately following any accident or other soiling;
• All children have their own nap sheet, blanket in their name labeled nap box, and the nap boxes are sanitized daily;
• We enforce our illness policy outlined in the parent handbook.

Increased Health and Safety Protocol at the Academy:

• We frequently sanitize all hard surfaces, door handles, the security keypad, and other high-touch and high-traffic areas with hospital grade disinfectant.
• We also sanitize our classrooms with a child-safe disinfectant fogger on a regular basis to catch any germs we missed cleaning by hand.
• You can find hand sanitizer at all sign-in stations and we have a sanitation station in the lobby, stocked with hand sanitizer, face coverings, and gloves.
• Upon arrival, we check the temperature of all teachers, and we have asked our teachers to self-quarantine for 14 days – or otherwise take a COVID-19 test and report the negative results – before returning to the Center if they have traveled outside of the Knoxville area to any COVID-19 hotspots;
• We require that our families strictly monitor parent and child illnesses, and require our parents to: (1) check children's temperature prior to entering the facilities; (2) certify at sign-in that you and your child are fever-free; (3) certify at sign-in that neither parent nor student(s) are taking fever reducing medications; (4) certify that neither parents nor students have had known contact with anyone with COVID-19; and (5) certify that you have not traveled outside of the Knoxville area to any COVID-19 hotspots in the past 14 days.


Please do not enter the building or send your child to school if you, your child, or anyone else living in your household has any symptoms of illness. Please exercise your best judgment in determining whether it is safe for you and your child to return to the community given any family members recent symptoms.
Even if you are not experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, we ask that you limit your time in the building to no more than 15 minutes and avoid congregating in the hallways and lobby before, during, and after drop-off and pick-up. Furthermore, if you plan to travel outside of the Knoxville area to a COVID-19 hotspot at any point in the near future to we ask that you and your child/children self-quarantine before returning to the center.

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