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Victoria “Tori” Wells

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 Sara Brown

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Welcome to Toddler I


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This month we will learn all about light and dark.  We will explore using different kinds of lights and objects that produce light.  We will learn about the dark and why the dark is so important to our daily routines.  At the end of the month, we will explore Space and learn about the stars, sun and moon. We hope that our students learn so much valuable information and have fun exploring light and dark.

Language and Early Literacy: Show enjoyment of books and stories and begin to recite from memory familiar book.

Sign Language: Light, Dark, Flag, Sun, Moon

Color: Review all Colors

Shape: Star

Math: Explore the world and understand positions in space and how to get around

Science: Exploring what makes our world light and dark and the Solar System

Water Day!!!

Classroom Announcements

Our last water day of the year will be Friday, July 30th!

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