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Welcome to Pre-K II


Curriculum Map Ecers

Developmental Checklist




Follow along with us this month!  Interwoven with our “Light and Dark” unit are our monthly standards:

Language: Alphabet Review Lowercase Letters

Sight Words: Where, You, Yellow, Blue

Color: Review all Colors

Shape: Prism and Crescent

Math:Review all Math Standards and Numbers 0-50

Science: “Day and Night”, “Light and Dark”, Exploring the Sun and Solar System


Please read what your children learned this week about Static Electricity!



Making our own moon craters! 



Look at us building our rocket ships!

 Hard at work learning about prism shapes!

This week we are exploring the dark and how we see in the dark!  We created glow in the dark rice to explore in our sensory bins.

 We made a class campfire.  We gathered the materials like we would for a real campfire.  We discussed what we use a campfire for and how it helps us see in the dark.  Look at the sign that we wrote ourselves!

What is a better way to enjoy our class campfire?  By eating smores we made in our solar oven of course!

Classroom Announcements

Our last water day of the year will be Friday, July 30th!

See the source image

See the source image

The study of Patience vs. Perseverance

This month we are discussing the life skills Patience and Perseverance.  Here are some examples of how we are using our life skills in our classroom.

Patience vs. Perseverance


We explored glow in the dark sticks on our glow in the dark day.  We used the sticks to create shapes in the dark!

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