April Curriculum Theme:

In the Grass

A world of wonder waits right below our feet.  It is fun to play and roll around in the grass, but it also serves a lot of important purposes.  We will go underground and investigate the critters that live under it as well as those that use grass for food and shelter.  Grass is also very important to people as it helps us grow food, and we can use it to help other plants grow.  A big outdoor adventure is awaiting us as we discover what to do and what can be found in the Grass.


Artist of the Month: Henri Rousseau

Composer of the Month: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Watercolor Flower Clipart designs, themes, templates and downloadable  graphic elements on Dribbble

April Menus

Breakfast, Lunch and Snack

April Special Events

  • March 28th – Create a Class Rain Gauge
  • March 29th – Create a School Compost Bin
  • March 30th – Plant an Outdoor Garden
  • March 31st– Dissect Flowers
  • April 1st– First Friday Reading
  • April 6th– Plant individual cups of Grass
  • April 7th – Flower Color Changing Experiment
  • April 12th– Wear a Farm Animal Shirt
  • April 13th – Peeps Experiment
  • April 14th – Dye Easter Eggs and Egg hunt
  • April 14th – Easter Class Party
  • April 15th -CLOSED for Good Friday
  • April 20th – Create a Clay Nature Bowl
  • April 22nd– Earth Day
  • April 27th– Spring Pajama Day
  • April 29th – Have a Class Picnic outside for Lunch Time

April Birthdays

  • Grace H. 4/1
  • Sophia W. 4/10
  • Ethan D. 4/14
  • Jaymeson P. 4/18
  • Hattie M. 4/19
  • Aiden C. 4/21
  • Ellie M. 4/23
  • Millie F. 4/26
  • June Ellen N. 4/27
  • Gavin S. 4/28
  • Ella W. 4/30
  • Chasity R. 4/30
  • Ethan Y. 4/30

Monthly Resources

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