October Curriculum Theme: Harvest

What is Important about Harvest Time?

From seeds to plants, harvest time is a special opportunity for growing minds and bodies to see how nature grows just like we do! Children’s closest interaction with the harvest is through all the yummy food they eat.  Exploring foods will lead to investigations of how food travels to our favorite restaurants and to our kitchens at home, meeting all the people who grow it, sell it, and cook it along the way.  Our taste buds will be sizzling with all tasty samples that we make throughout this fall season.


Artist of the Month: David Hockney

Composer of the Month: Edvard Grieg

We are growing vegetables on our Pre-K playground.  Come explore our garden and watch it grow!

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October Menus

October Special Events

Fire Department Visit- TBA

  • October 5th– Wear a Farm Animal Shirt
  • October 7th– Bring an empty drink to school
  • October 11th – CLOSED for Columbus Day
  • October 13th – Apple taste test
  • October 15th – Wear the Color Orange
  • October 19th – Create Pumpkin Dip
  • October 20th –Bring an Apple to School to make Applesauce
  • October 21st – Bake Homemade Bread
  • October 22nd – Dissect a Pumpkin
  • October 27th– Fall Pajama Day
  • October 28th– Make a Pizza for Lunch
  • October 29th– Bring a Small Pumpkin to paint/Harvest Party

October Birthdays

  • Maxwell B. – 10/1
  • Ryan C. – 10/3
  • Hudson S. – 10/5
  • Briggs T. – 10/11
  • Wyatt S. – 10/14
  • Palmer S. – 10/14
  • Athena O. – 10/20
  • Lakeynn W. – 10/24
  • Emmy M. – 10/24
  • Lottie B. – 10/24
  • Otto T. – 10/25
  • Kaylee T. – 10/29
  • Blakely E. – 10/30

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