January Curriculum

Theme: Arctic Environment

We are ringing in the New Year with a month full of wintertime knowledge! This month begins by introducing the Arctic Environment.  The children will learn of the Northern Lights, the glaciers and ice-caps of the Arctic Ocean, and Inuit People.  Arctic Animals such as the arctic fox, snowy owl, moose, polar bear, and penguins join our discussion in week two.  Next, we will discuss the winter season here and compare it to the arctic.  Your child’s class will wrap January by discussing how animals and birds hibernate, migrate, or adapt to their environment.


Artist: Grandma Moses

Composer: Franz Shubert

Sugaring Off By: Grandma Moses

Sugaring Off, 1955 - Grandma Moses - WikiArt.org

January Menus

Breakfast and Snack


January Special Events

  • January 5th – Build a Class Igloo
  • January 6th – Wear a Winter Hat
  • January 7th – First Friday Reading
  • January 7th – Winter Scavenger Hunt
  • January 11th – Building with Ice Cubes
  • January 13th – Exploding Snowman Experiment
  • January 14th – Wear an Arctic Animal Shirt
  • January 17th – Martin Luther King Jr. Day (CLOSED)
  • January 19th – Create Hot Chocolate Cloud Dough
  • January 20th – Dress like a Snowman/Wear White
  • January 24th – Paint with Colored Ice Cubes
  • January 25th – Hibernation Day/Wear Winter Pajamas
  • January 26th- Create Winter Playdough
  • January 27th – Make a Winter Bird Feeder
  • January 28th – Create Winter Slime

January Birthdays

  • James J. – 1/2
  • Griffin D. – 1/4
  • Theo G. – 1/4
  • Cooper Y. 1/5
  • Ava B. – 1/19
  • Max L. – 1/10
  • Scout T. –  1/17
  • Charleston H. – 1/21
  • Blaise G. – 1/22
  • Elijah T. – 1/26

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In the event of inclement weather, you will recieve an email, reminder app, and we will have school closings or delays on WATE and WBIR news stations.

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