Monthly Resources

September Curriculum Unit:
Diggin’ in the Dirt

Archeology, Paleontology, & Fossils

Children have the innate ability to make digging in the dirt fun.  The Pre-Historic Times Topic Introduces children to Archeology, Paleontology, Dinosaurs, & Landforms.  Children will explore what it is like to be an archeologist by finding and digging up all sorts of treasures that are hiding in the dirt such as, artifacts, fossils, gems, and dinosaur bones. We will also learn what it is like to be a paleontologist as we find, study, and classify dinosaurs and dinosaur bones. During the last weeks, children will be exposed to some of the greatest man-made and natural made landforms.  Come Travel into the Pre-Historic Times with us as we use our imagination to undercover the past.

Composer of the Month: Sergei Prokofiev

Artist of the Month: Antoni Gaudi

September Menus

September Special Events

  • September 1st- Make Extinction Slime
  • September 4th- Compare our footprint to a T-Rex Footprint
  • September 7th- Labor Day (CLOSED)
  • September 8th- Carnivore Taste Test
  • September 9th- Herbivore Taste Test
  • September 10th- Make a craft for Grandparent’s Day
  • September 11th- Paint a Dinosaur sun catcher
  • September 16th- Build a Class Volcano
  • September 17th- Erupt our class Volcano
  • September 18th- Create a Paleontologist Hat
  • September 21st- Create a piece of Mosaic Art
  • September 22nd- Wear a Dinosaur Shirt
  • September 23rd- “Hatch” frozen Dinosaur Eggs
  • September 24th- Dig like an Archeologist
  • September 28th- Wear color brown to school
  • September 29th- Make a model magic fossil
  • September 30th- Make fossil cookies

September Birthdays

  • Hudson G. – 9/1
  • Noah R. – 9/14
  • Nolan W. – 9/15
  • Everett S. – 9/16
  • Rori M. – 9/20
  • Thomas H. – 9/28


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