July Curriculum Theme:

Light and Dark

What’s Important About Light and Dark?

The contrast between light and dark is part of the daily lives of young children.  Light and dark are closely tied to the sequence of day and night and to the sun, moon, solar system, and stars, but the concepts go much further.  Shadows, reflections, temperature, and more are affected by light and dark.  Colors range from light to dark in the natural world and in things people make.  Throughout the month, children will actively investigate to learn more about these fascinating ideas.

Artist of the Month: Jasper Johns
Composer of the Month: Aaron Copeland

Jasper Johns: False Start

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July Menus

Breakfast and Snack


July Special Events

  • June 29th ~ Create Star Spangled Slime
  • June 30th ~ Create glow in the dark Sensory Bottles
  • July 1st ~ Create a Fourth of July Necklace
  • July 2nd ~ Water Day
  • July 5th ~ Closed in Obervance of Independence Day
  • July 8th ~ Create Lava Lamp Sensory Bags
  • July 14th ~ Glow Stick Day
  • July 15th ~ Create Glow in the Dark Playdoh
  • July 16th ~ Water Day
  • July 19th ~ Glow in the Dark Painting
  • July 20th ~ Will it Melt Experiment
  • July 22nd ~ Cook S’mores in our Solar Ovens
  • July 22nd ~ Experiment with our Shadows
  • July 23rd ~ Experiment with Static Electricity
  • July 28th ~ Decorate Cookies like the Galaxy
  • July 30th ~ Last Water Day of the Year

July Birthdays

  • Harrison R. ~ 7/2
  • Pierce R. ~ 7/2
  • Jack F. ~ 7/3
  • Charlotte K. ~ 7/4
  • Baker G. ~ 7/5
  • Sean L. ~ 7/19
  • Charlotte P. ~ 7/20
  • Kaylee S. ~ 7/22

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