May Curriculum Theme:

Let’s Pretend

Imagination is one of the most special tools of a young child. This month, children will go on a guided tour of their minds by pretending to be their favorite animals, book characters, and community helpers.  We’ll use our voices, bodies, and ideas to go on many adventures without ever leaving the comfort of our classrooms.  We’ll also have a chance to practice our emotions and learn how to handle feelings and social situations before they happen. Our exploration is only limited by what we think of next.


Artist of the Month: Pablo Picasso
Composer of the Month: Ludwig Van Beethoven
Punchinello With Guitar by Pablo Picasso, 1920

Punchinello with guitar, 1920 - Pablo Picasso -

Once Upon a Time medium | Book art, Book worms, David artist

May Menus

Lunch Menu
Breakfast and Snack Menu

May Special Events

  • May 2nd~ Teacher Appreciation Week
  • May 3rd~ Humpty Dumpty Egg Drop Experiment
  • May 4th ~ Create Magical Fairy Dough
  • May 5th ~ Dress up as a Fairy Tale Character
  • May 5th ~ The Amazing Magic Show Visit
  • May 7th~ Bring a Fairy Tale book to school
  • May 7th ~ Muffins for Mom
  • May 9th ~ Mother’s Day
  • May 12th – Wear the Color Yellow
  • May 13th ~ Create a Class Zoo
  • May 14th ~ Kindergarten Readiness Graduation Celebration
  • May 17th ~ Create a play TV
  • May 20th~ Have a Class Musical Parade
  • May 26th ~ Dress like a Community Helper
  • May 27th ~ Dress like a Movie Star
  • May 28th~ Dress like a Super Hero
  • May 31st ~ Memorial Day (CLOSED)

May Birthdays

  • Theo S. – 5/2
  • Evelynn S. – 5/4
  • Melah M. – 5/8
  • Hayes H. – 5/9
  • Nora N. – 5/10
  • Chiara M. – 5/15
  • Audrey B. – 5/17
  • Maya M. – 5/22
  • Juliet M. – 5/22
  • Caroline F. – 5/24

Monthly Resources

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