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Welcome to Kindergarten Readiness

Our students enter primary school with a sure advantage. Our lesson plans align with the TN kindergarten expectations, preparing them for success. Reading skills and sight words are learned as well as exposure to STEM.


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Follow along with us this month!  Interwoven with our “Five Senses ” unit are our monthly standards:

Language: Vowels, Sight Word and Letter Sound Review

Sight Words: Came, Did, Do, Eat, Four, Get, Good, Have, He, Into, Like

Letter: Hh, Ll, Gg, Ee, Jj, Ww, Nn

Color: Pink and Shades of Pink

Shape: Heart and Cylinder

Math: Introduce basic addition using manipulatives and pictures

Science: Use all five senses to explore and understand surroundings


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Kindergarten Readiness

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