Infant I

Classroom Teachers


Susan Weaver



Nicole Lawrence




Our Philosphy

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality care in an early learning environment for your child.  We want to be a positive influence on your child’s introduction to academia and enhance your family’s educational plan.
Our academy offers a safe, secure and nurturing atmosphere in which children are free to grow and learn at their own pace.  Our staff’s mission is to make your child’s learning experience positive, happy, and uplifting.  We encourage a sense of security and belonging, and we celebrate growth and milestones.


Welcome to Infant I

Children are nurtured and loved. A trusting environment is created for exploration. We emphasize language through the reading of books, personal conversations, and individual attention. We utilize and encourage “Baby Signing” in and out of the classroom. Age appropriate toys and experiences in play make for a fun day. Learning starts early at WCA!

 Developmental resources attached below:

Curriculum Map Iters

CDC Developmental Milestones


Classroom Announcements

We will be CLOSED Friday, April 15th for Good Friday.

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Classroom Schedule

*Hands Washed Upon Arrival
~ Arrival/Greet Parents and Children
~ Bottles and Meal Times Upon Child’s Needs
~ Free Choice Play
~ Morning Nap
~ Outdoor Play
~ Cognitive Development
~ Language Development
~ Bottles and Meal Times Upon Child’s Needs
~ Free Choice Play
~ Midday Nap
~ Social/Emotional Development
~ Gross Motor Development
~ Bottles and Meal Times Upon Child’s Needs
~ Free Choice Play
~ Afternoon Nap
~ Outside Playtime
~ Music/Movement
~ Prepare to Go Home
* Diapers Changed Every Two Hours
Or As Needed Through the Day
* Hands washed before and after each meal, after diaper changes,
 after coming in from outside play time, and after Creative Expression.

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